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Friday, March 21, 2008

Dilema and moral of an elderly person

Every person in this world has their turn to reach that stage of life one day. It is hoped that the younger generation today, will be able to take good care of their elders and not to take them for granted. Besides pleasing them at all times, ones is also required to understand and, to fulfil or accomplish their wishes. Whether they are a member of our family, relatives, friends, neighbours or even members of other races, let us not neglect anyone.

When a person grows old, there is bound to be a lot of mood changes. They will feel inferior and thought that they are a reject in society, when been left alone. With our assistance to brighten their days, it will further enhance their health and continue to enjoy a much long life. Every member of the younger generation should not forget this responsibility.

Undoubtedly, what is of utmost importance to each elderly person, is to have good health in order to keep life going on. As soon as a person started to retire from any employment, or soonest when he reaches a stage when he is more dependant on others, they tend to have many phobia and fears, such as the fear of ageing; fear of getting sick and lastly, the fear of dying. Therefore, ones must keep a close relationship with them. Make them feel that they are forever part of the family circle. Teach the younger generation to respect them and if necessary, to tolerate their characters and behaviours too. Such good deed and culture taught at home will eventually benefit ourselves when we reaches that stage one day.

Each elderly person often wishes to enjoy good harmony and happiness in the home. It will affect them morally when they are staying with children what are quarreling endlessly, or live amongst their broken homes. Instead, they will feel more peace at heart and mind when everyone can live together harmoniously, including having good neighbourhood when there is a true spirit of friendship, love and helping each other. This way, they will feel greater happiness and warmth.

In many instances, once an elderly person retires from employment, their mood and moral will become lower. It is just something natural and unavoidable. If they do not get respect from family members, they will feel more inferior. When this happens, they will prefer to stay indoor and avoid meeting people. Eventually, they become depressed and this will lead to a lot of sickness later.

As a person grows old, their health, presence of mind and even, their decision making will slowly deteriorate. They will come to a stage when they cannot even manage their own life properly. As children, we are required to be more sensitive to their needs and to show our care and concern. We need to make them feel that they are still important at home, or society. Otherwise, they might think, or feel that their presence has become an obstacle in everyone's path.

Definitely, each elderly person like peace of mind. They tend to dislike disturbances. However, there are some elders who might dislike Sunday. This is because, their children and grandchildren will be returning home during this occasion. Such congregation is usually very noisy and chaotic, and they dislike it. Of course again, such occasional gatherings might also help them to improve their peace of mind and to enhance their health.

Some older people prefer to continue working, even though they have retired. This is because they are still active and also felt that they are still good in their work. Under such circumstances, just let them be and probably, they will feel better and becoming more healthier too.

For those whose spouse has died, some of them may like to search for companion. When their partner died, usually they will feel lonely. Their children will not be able to devout their full time for them. In such circumstances, children should allow them to re-marry, or find a companion to enable them to enjoy more happiness and meanings of life during their last life cycle.

In conclusion, we must also acknowledge that our elderly parents had once been in control of the family's financial well-being, or decision making in the family. Thus, as they reaches their old age, try to enable them to maintain some of such responsibilities. Make them feel that they are still important figures at home.

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