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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Benefits Of Water Spinach (Kangkong)

Water spinach has been ranked high among the world’s healthiest foods. Used to be a poor man's food. Certain variety (plant with bigger & hollow trunk) are usually found growing along the sides of drain. The sister variety (thinner stalk) are often grown in large scale at the farms and sold commercially. It is also known as ‘kangkong’ and is a popular green leafy vegetable, eaten by most households. It is basically herbaceous aquatic, or semi aquatic perennial plant that is found in tropical and subtropical regions. 

Water spinach offers a wide range of beneficial nutrients, including the skin & brain. It contains abundant volumes of water, fibres, protein, calcium, iron, vitamin C & A, amino acids and minerals. It can be eaten raw too, for better benefits. Otherwise, eating them in 'steamed' form, is equally great. Alternatively, there are also users who even drank extracted juices of water spinach too.
Its best known benefits, include :

1. Reduces Cholesterol
2. Treatment of Jaundice and Liver Problems

3. Useful in treating Anaemia
4. Treatment of Indigestion and Constipation

5. Anti Diabetic

6. Protection against Heart Diseases

7. Prevention of Cancer

8. Beneficial for Eyes

9. Boosts the Body’s Immunity

10. Anti-ageing Benefits
11. Treatment of skin Diseases

12. Healing Properties

13. Rejuvenates Skin

Thursday, January 2, 2014

May I take this opportunity to wish all my dear friends and supporters a very Prosperous New Year 2014 and lets look forward to a better year, filled with Hope, Happiness, Longevity and Better Health !!!