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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Boneless Chicken Feet

This is quite a well-known dish, which is commonly seen and ordered by diners at Chinese Restaurants (locally and overseas too). Many favoured this dish as a starter (before the main dishes) especially for its crunchy and sourish taste (due rinsed in vinegar & big onions).

Ever wonder how the restaurants managed to provide them in big volume. The information provided herewith (read below) may not be the truth but on the other hand, what if it could be true. So, do give it a 2nd thought the next time you pick your menu !!!!

Take out those feet required for preparation .............

Boil them and then, rinse them in cold water for easy 'tearing' ....

These scenes are taken from chicken feet factory which can be found in several Asean Countries, using cheap labor.
Judging from the looks of the shop layout and grilled-gates + the facial outlook of the workers, they look quite similar to Thais.
Imagine, with all the taste been licked dry and added with their saliva.

Ever wonder, whether these feet are been washed again, due excessive washing will make them soggy !!!


Finally, they are been served to unsuspected diners who might be rushing for them, thinking this is an exotic food variety. Of course, with the chilli sauce accompanying, the taste will be heavenly.
Remember .... if you like such Boneless Chicken Feet in your next meal, then .. be prepared to fall sick with Hepatitis ... ha ha ... Yuk !