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Monday, February 28, 2011

Health benefits of Natural Seaweed

Earlier on, in this same blog ... I had posted this same article under .... and surprisingly, this article has attracted more than 200 readers. I have been promoting this item to my circle of friends and indeed, many have found this item helpful in resolving some of their health problems.

Incidentally, the reason why this article appears again today ... I happened to come across this person who is a wholesaler for this seaweed. He has been exporting in huge volumes, both for domestic and international markets.

Attached herewith, please find some pictures of his packing and his selling prices are as follows :

Price per packet  :  Msian Ringgitt 15.00  (USD $ 5.00)

Exclusion  :  Above price does not include local postage or oversea postage
Weight  :  200 gm
Condition  :  Dried form
Storing  :  Will last a long time as it is dried under the open sky, as soon as they are harvested from the sea. The seawater will act as its preservative. No chemical is added. They are obtainable from the shallow crystal clear water around the islands between Philippines and Sabah water. It can be stored for a long time in an air-tight container.

- helps to stabilize cholestrol level, diabetes and hypertension;
- improve blood circulation;
- stunts tumor growth and enhances cell regeneration;
- slowing down ageing;
- supports stronger bone health, teeth and joints' functions;
- supports kidney functions, including maintaining prostrate health;
- promotes good liver health;
- reduce cancer risks;
- promotes better skin complexion, including healthy hair;
- promotes better growth of brain cells and alertness

How to prepare 
Grab a handful of dried seaweed from the packing and soak them in cold water for 3 - 4 hours. Change the water repeatedly a few times to remove any residue. Always remember .... each handful of dried seaweed will be converted into 05 times from its original amount, when it is finally done.

The water (during changing) can be used to water your plants around your house. It will act as a good fertilizer. Plants and flowers are noted to grow and bloom much more healthy too.

The final result will appear slight yellowish in color (see pictures) and spongy. It is ready for consumption. Whatever left, they can be kept in the refrigerator and placed them in a container. Finish them within 2 - 3 weeks. Note : Therefore, in order not to have too much excess, always prepare an amount which is enough for your own consumption.

Method of Consumption
- it can be blended together with fruits when you are preparing fruit juices to drink;
- it can be added in your hot soup, or oatmeal, or any hot drinks (easily melted in hot liquid);
- it is best consumed as salad dish. Just add any fresh item (particularly fruits and vegetables) as garnishes;
- some prefer to save time (like myself) and just grab a handful and chew it in your mouth, before swallowing. Besides, it is tasteless and odourless, and easy to eat in that manner. This is extremely helpful and good for young children who refuses to eat vegetables.

From the Author's Desk

There is no harm trying as this is a natural product, harvested directly from the sea. Do not fear of any harmful pollutant, as seaweed will only grow in a condition where their breeding ground must be clean and full of oxygen and sunshine.

As a matter of personal advice, some people do enjoy the benefits, while others were happy to resolve their other problems. Thus, it also depends on individual's body to gain the benefits. Subsequently, there are also others, who might not experience any improvement but nonetheless, seaweed is also a good form of food item which also assisted in eliminating toxins, particularly from the Stomach and Large Intestines, where toxic waste might be accumulating over the years (from the food we consumed).

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