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Thursday, March 15, 2012

What is meant by Mental Breakdown (Nervous Breakdown) ?

This is a type of mental-related problem which is frequently detected in our today's society, as lifestyles started to get more sophisticated, or our employers get more demanding. This sort of scenario has also started to emerge from homes, which are caused by nagging and extreme temperamental parents, lashing at their children by finding faults with every small thing they did wrong, or right. It is indeed very wrong for them to bring their frustration home from their office and the long lasting victims are their innocent children.

However, a situation of nervous breakdown usually occurs with a person who is faced with intense depression, or anxiety. When this limit is reached, there will be no turning back when the mental level of an individual just broke loose. Nowadays, this sort of incidents happened from the workplaces to the homes, or at public places.
Nonetheless, a nervous breakdown can also be defined as an acute emotional, or psychological imbalance, or a total collapse. It is not a medical illness, but rather confined to more of mental related. It generally occurs when a person is experiencing severe depression, or an intense feelings of being out of touch with reality. Often, it is the result of prolonged endurance which are not been properly addressed over a long period of times.
A person who is suffering from such a problem will carry symptoms, such as :
a) extreme tiredness, or loss of interest in meeting obligations or following instructions;
b) weakness and tensed tissues or muscles;
c) irregular heart beat with severe trembling, or shaking by himself;
d) uncontrollable crying, easily irritated and sometimes, look confused, disoriented;
e) loss of interest in everything and feelings of worthlessness.

Otherwise, there might also be a loss of self-esteem and confidence in oneself, extreme weight loss or weight gain, disrupted sleep patterns and feelings of guilt and despair.

This is a serious psychiatric condition and should not be taken lightly.

Thus, when a person is undergoing such a tremendous situation, it generally means he has already reached his 'limit' and it might appears that he is becoming crazy ! He will grasp his hair, or shiver badly while squatting with both arms holding tightly to his 02 feet. He might even go into a frenzy situation with unknown strength, or yelling and crying continuously. This is because, he is at his breaking point and is completely 'stressed out'. It is, as if he is at the 'edge of a cliff', where he could not tolerate anymore. Thus, there is always a limit to everyone and also, a limit to how much one can cope with. Anything that goes beyond, will depend on the intensity of how much a person has already tolerated since Day 1.

Many of us have seen such pitiful person in our lifetime and I believe we have witnessed all types of symptoms, ranging from individual to individual. For the superstitious community, they, sometimes, thought that the said person could have been possessed by some form of evil spirit. Although, it may appear as such, but it is hoped that they will also seek the help of a western doctor too, to find the real truth.

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