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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What happens in Bone Marrow Transplant ?

Doctors always say, "The bone marrow inside the human body will start regenerating 14 days after transplant". How true is this ?

Modern technologies cannot cure the skin on the legs or anywhere else, if they start to rot. When rotting starts, there is no way for doctors to make it regenerate. They can only cut it off to stop the rotting. If they can't regenerate the skin, then how is it possible for them to regenerate the bone marrow ? No one can see whether the bone marrow is regenerating or not because it is inside the body. If it is possible to regenerate the bone marrow, then why is it necessary for the transplant to take place ? Why not simply grow it in the first place ? If a woman has babies, the bone marrow in her hip bones are drawn out by the babies. This will lead to the loss of bone tissues and result in larger and fatter hips. If the bone marrow can regenerate itself, why should this happen ?

Perhaps, the final goal of modern medical science is to help the patients regain their healthy bodies and let them live healthy normal lives. If all it can do is to make the patient lives for a few more days, then what's the point of living a few more years in pain and illness ?

When a bone marrow tansplant patient is injected with the new bone marrow, the body will simply start to lose the bone marrow again. This is a result of the wrong diet and heavy medications. The amount of bone marrow injected is so little, how can it last for a long time in the patient's body ? Can the patient live for long after the transplant ?

There is an old saying "Saving a person's life is better than all other good deeds". All bone marrow donors have the good intention of saving someone. But, the cruel reality shows the patient will not benefit from the donated bone marrow and instead, the donor himself will become a weaker and easily get sick person. The production of human fluids (including all kinds of excretion), blood production, immune systems, self healing capabilities and the cancelling out of the body's acidic toxins, depend on the release of the bone marrow. When it runs out, that's when the person dies.

For e.g., during the final stages of a cancer patient's life, normal medication can no longer suppress their pain. Doctors start using morphine as painkillers. In the beginning, the morphine injection will start with one injection per month as this will be sufficient to kill the pain. But soon the doctor will need to inject one every week to stop the pain. The function of the morphine injection is to extract the bone marrow from the human skeletal network. The human skeletal network is just like a bank for the bone marrow. There is a saying too, "if you borrow something and do not return it, it will be more difficult if you want to borrow again". When such a large amount of marrow is borrowed everyday, the bone marrow will soon run out, and when it runs out, nothing will be able to kill the pain and the patient will be in so much pain that death eventually ends his life.

There was a case of a distant realtive who had reached the final stages of liver cancer with extension to the stomach. In the hospital, the daughter said to the doctor "no mater how much it will cost, make my mother lives for as many days as possible". So, this doctor gave her mother morphine injections everyday to keep her alive. After a few days, the doctor said to the daughter "we shouldn't inject any more, otherwise you will not get any bones after the cemation" !

Thus, how do we replenish the bone marrow bank ? What is the best diet ? Will bone marrow be put back ? To do these things you must change your diet to balance the damage done by our generally unhealthy environmental pollution and toxins in our body.

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