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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Green Vegetables + Happiness = Health

If all of us knew how to improve our daily diets and are willing to consume more green vegetables and drink larger amount of water, illness would automatically disappear.

5,000 years ago, Chinese culture adopted the word 'medicine', which was a simple combination of the words 'acceptance of herbal remedies' and 'happiness'. This means when you are ill, if you could eat grass (i.e. green vegetables and herbal medicine), then you will feel better and happy. The main purpose of this word's creation is to remind everyone that when we feel ill, we will not be happy, but if we consume natural herbs as medicine, then we will feel happy with the outcome. Even when cats, dogs, snakes and monkeys (who are meat eaters) become ill, they will also instinctively eat grass to cure themselves.

In today's environment, it seems like the humans have totally forgotten about eating their greens !

The 04 basic components for living are sunlight, air, water and nutrition.

Air and water pollution are becoming especially serious. We can easily see if we do not clean the curtains and carpets, they will easily be filled with dust and dirt. When the house is full of dust, air can't move through cleanly and we can't get enough oxygen. This will result in our level of health decreasing. Similarly, a driver will notice that the air filter of their car is filled with dust and dirt, and disrupting the clear flow of air into the engine. The car has to be serviced and the dust and dirty components removed from the air filter. After cleaning, the car will run efficiently again. The lungs of the human body are similar to the car air filter. When they are filled with dust and dirt, we cannot get enough clean air into our blood and we will begin to suffer bad health.

So, what will the human body do when the lungs are filled with dust and dirt ?

We can live without eating for a month, but we can't go without water for a week and we cannot live without breathing for 03 minutes. Therefore, air is more important than water, and water is more important than food. We need oxygen to pass through our nostrils, throat, windpipe, bronchi and finally, to our lungs. The function of the lung membrane is similar to the car air filter. It blocks dust and dirty components in the membrane, allowing only fresh air to go through to the blood.

Every cell in the human body will absorb oxygen, water and nutrition from the blood. Then, under the continuous cycle of our metabolism, the cells will release wastes and carbon dioxide into the blood. The gaseous wastes will then be expelled through the lungs as we breathe out, and non-gaseous wastes will be released via the kidneys as urine. If we do not drink enough water, the urine will be a cloudy yellow colour. This cloudiness is an accumulation of the wastes produced by metabolism. People who eat hogh protein food such as fish and meat will produce bubbles in their urine and there will be a strong smell. To solve this, we should avoid eating chicken, duck, fish, meat, eggs, beans and other high protein products, oily food, salty food, sweets, milk dairy products and processed foods. If we eat more vegetables and drink more water, the bubbles and cloudiness in the urine will soon disappear.

Now, we understand the importance of air to our body, which can be regarded as the unique element for living and clean fresh air is especially vital for our health. Otherwise, the cells in our body can't acquire enough oxygen and we will become sick and unhealthy.

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