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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

High Blood Pressure

Modern people are simply too stubborn or ignorantly aware on the seriousness of bad diets, which has lead to the high acidity level in their body, resulting their blood to become turbid. When the blood is turbid, the heart performance will also decreased. The cells of the heart and the body itself, do not get nourished by the nutrients in the blood. Eventually, it will lead to fast wearing-out of the heart and since the blood is turbid, it directly affects the blood circulation too. If the blood is turbid and unable to reach the ends of blood arteries, the blood pressure will shoot up, even when the heart is still in good condition.

When a person is diagnosed with a slightly high blood pressure, normally doctors will give the patient medications to decrease his blood pressure. These medications work by enlarging the veins and arteries because if the 'pipes' are enlarged, the pressure will also drop. This is just like a pump station. If the dimensions of the pipes are increased, more volume can flow through, logically the pressure will drop. Modern medicine treats the symptoms. For e.g., if the patients has a headache or stomach ache, painkillers can stop the pain straight away, sugar levels can be decreased for diabetes patients and blood pressure can be dropped for the high blood pressure patients. They will make the patients feel comfortable again in a short time.

But this method of pain suppression in the end cannot make a person healthier. It cannot cure the actual illness. Instead, it can lead to more serious conditions such as cancer. Diabetes patients are usually treated with insulin which is poisonous to the human body. While it may suppress the diabetes, it pollutes the blood in return and later on, will cause stroke or high blood pressure.

People with high blood pressure are usually treated with medications to lower it. These types of medications will continue to widen their veins and then, causing
their hearts to swell up. If a large quantity of this medication is taken, all the poisons will be accumulated inside the human body and may eventually turn into cancer or other illnesses. This is why a famous doctor from Japan once said, "Modern Medicine is a science that creates illness and sickness".

Thus, it is important to eat the right things and drink plenty of water so that our 'pipes' will be constantly clean and also, our 'pumps' will continue functioning.

If you have high blood pressure and are at serious risk of a heart attack or stroke, try to increase your intake of green vegetables and water. This way, you can help your blood to clear itself of toxins and thus, reduce your blood pressure too.

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