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Saturday, November 24, 2007

What causes Haemorrhoids ?

Most people eat either too little, or no vegetables. They also do not drink enough water and thus, develop unhealthy lifestyles. Such behaviour can lead to abnormal excretion if the wastes inside the large intestine are not removed after 24 hrs. Their acidic toxins will be absorbed with the water and then, goes back to feed the cells and keeps accumulating in the large intestines. Once such toxins reach a high level, the body can still get rid of them through normal bowel motions. But, it may result in developing bleeding haemorrhoids.

There was a patient. She informed, "she has serious bleeding haemorrhoids. Last few days ago, the bleeding has stopped after having an injection at the hospital". In spite of that, she still felt quite uncomfortable. Haemorrhoid is, in fact, a process whereby the body is trying to get rid of the toxic substances. When the haemorrhoids are injected, the build up of toxins definitely increases, as they have nowhere to go. Consequently, the body will become more acidic causing all the discomfort.

Undoubtedly, haemorrhoidal bleeding can cause so much pain and discomfort. Modern medinice will apply injections and medication to stop such bleeding. Such treatment also only weakens the body, resulting in poor capability of pushing out the toxins, which are stored in the large intestines and rectum. Often, an operation is necessary to remove the haemorrhoids. This procedure will further corrode the anus and thus, suppressing its ability to let out toxins.

When the body gets stronger, haemorrhoids are more than likely to recur. To cure this problem completely, one should let the excretion happen regularly. Eat less fish and meat so that the toxins in the body won't increase. When haemorrhoids occur, one should eat a large amount of vegetables and drink a lot of water, as this will help the body to get rid of the toxins faster.

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