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Friday, November 16, 2007

Woman's Lobata (Breast Enlargement & Firmer)

Pueraria Lobata (Natural Breast Firming)

History in ancient days of the orient, Pueraria was regarded as a supreme and exclusively royal herb only for the wives of kings. Since the 1980s, herbalists introduced it to the masses. Pueraria has a reputation of enhancing the natural beauty of women.

In the rural areas of Thailand, the herbal root is used for its 'rejuvenaion' effect for the elderly, bringing new life back into their gadd bodies. According to traditional Thai medicine, this herb is effective for relieving the symptoms of old age, menopause and for beauty enhancement.

For breast enlargement and firmess by ingestion of the Pueraria Lobata

Development of the mammary tissuses and helps enlarge the breasts by lengthening and branching the ducts that connect the nipple. It increases the fatty tissues and ligaments around the breast that provide support and shape.

These ducts branch out from the nipple into the interior of the breast, ending in clusters of the lobules, resulting in fuller and firmer breasts. It also maintains the collagen and stimulates development of new cells in skin, which improves the breast skin and maintains a natural look.

Ingredients :

Pueraria Mirifica (per pad)
Dong Quai
Red Clover
400mg x 10 Capsules

Tester results in 90% of the women tested, phyto-estrogen from Pueraria Lobata induced an increase in cell turgidity (firmness) but not cell multiplication. Calciums upplied from food such as dairy products, also enhanced the efficiency, so drinking a lot of milk while consuming Pueraria Lobata is recommended. It was found that the ingestion of Pueraria Lobata in a powder form provided the most effcient form of absorption.

The tests concluded that phyto-estrogen, originating from Pueraria Lobata, had clear estrogenic effects, such as breast firmness, breast enlargement and healthier skin and hair.

Breast cancer
Cancering screening tests only indicate the potential and occurrence of breast cancer. There is, thus far, no technoques to reduce or prevent the risk of it. Therefore, studies have concluded that prevention is still the best option in reducing the risk of cancer and stopping its occurence. Consumption of health products such as Pueraria Lobata aids in the prevention of breast cancer.

Anti Aging
Most women worry about aging and especially about the effects brought on by aging. For the eaverage woman, the mensruation cycle ends at age 48 to 50 as the reproductive system stops functioning. As a result, the production level of estrogen within the body also falls. One method to soften the impact of menopause is Hormone Replacement Theraphy (HRT).

HRT replaces the natural and decreasing estrogen in a woman's body with artificial estrogen in an attempt to control the effects of menopause. This is not always an effective treatment as the success rate is not 100% and it is expensive.

Research has shown that Pueraria Lobata which contains a high level of natural phyto-estrogen, is an effective and safe alternative for HRT. Its rich source of phyto-estrogen delays aging and the onset of drastic changes to the body when a woman goes into menopause.

How to take ?

Preraria Lobata is to be taken for 30 consequtive days. Take 02 capsules (400mg each) twice daily (morning & evening) after meals, with a large amount of warm water, preferably fresh milk as a calcium source. You can also take them when you are having your menstruation.

Note :
Not suitable for pregnant women, or those have a record of hyperthyroidism or related ailments, breast cancer or tumours. Pueraria lobata is meant for prevention but may produce negative effects for those suffering from these conditions.

Benefits :
* it rejuvenates the body and maintains good health;
* to resolve painful, irregular & absent menstrual problems;
* to enable breast enlargement & firm up sagging breast;
* it relieves menopausal disorders;
* to firm up up vaginal walls (after childbirth);
* to eliminate freckles and wrinkles;
* to improve smoother & fairer complexion;
* it boost up memories and presence of mind;
* it alleviates cataract problems;
* it re-grows hair, darkening and strengthening the existing ones;
* to slow down ageing;
* to build up strong immune system;
* it carries no side-effects

Market Price (exclude delivery charges) :
RM 250 / SGD 115 / USD 77 (10 capsules per pack x 06 packs)

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