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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Your health is your wealth

In this 21st Century, although medical science has reached such an advanced stage, and also, with the presence of so many companies worldwide, all producing and manufacturing nutritional health foods and supplements ... but yet, have we ever wondered why ... sicknesses and illnesses are continually on the increase.

Look at today's scenario, it is rather difficult to educate a human on how to lead a healthy way of life. What do we get in return ... instead, there will be endless social and commercial constraints. For example, if you request a person to change his lifestyle i.e. by eating more green vegetables and to drink more water, in exchange for their acidic foods intake. What would you be expecting from him ? Not surprisingly, he will tell you off that 'life will be meaningless'.

I wish to quote what a Taiwanese Professor once said ... a healthy body means it has to experience basic pains, fever, coughing, sneezing, expulsion of phelgm or sputum, vomitting, sweating, diarrhea etc, from time to time. Not everyone of these signs & symptoms mentioned above, are indicators of poor health. Do we realised that by vomitting, or having diarrhea on occasions, may mean that the body is trying to eliminate those acidic toxins from within itself ? It is by such doings that it will further improve on the functional activities of your digestive system.

It is also common today, to see your friends, loved ones and even yourself, conveniently and eagerly pushing capsules, tablets or syrups down your throat ... for the slightest problem. There is never any second thought ... how all these medicines can restrain, or disrupt the normal processes within your body. Imagine, when a person becomes unwell, have we ever thought that it could be a sign that the body is trying to excrete those excess acid wastes and toxins from within the body. By taking such medications, it might only worsen the situation when the efforts are obstructed. On the other hand, have you also considered the side-effects in taking these medications ? How will these be transformed into toxins and, further accumulated in our body system ? Of course again, taking medications is such an easy task. To change someone's lifestyle, in exchange for a healthy future, is just like throwing insults to their intelligence.

What has the modern medical science really provides today, in term of treating an illness ? Should you suffer from a severe headache or toothache, isn't it your natural basic instinct to pop into your mouth a painkiller to stop the pain. When the pain is finally gone, does it means that your problem has been solved ? To suppress the pain is undoubtedly your choice of finding the quickest way to relieve your anxiety and directly making you believe that your problem has disappeared for good. Basically, what does the painkillers do ? In fact, it only numb your nerves and they never cured the disease. Let's say, if you have a bad cut on your toe. The pain is very intensive. Again, you will rush for your painkiller while the injured toe is been bandaged up. When the anaesthetic effect is finally gone and if your wound starts to swell or infected, will more painkillers cure your problems ?

Let's face the fact. Our human body requires rich nutrients to stay healthy and we all knew that they could only be obtained from fresh green vegetables, fruits and water. Our body itself is such a wonderful form of art, created by the divine God. It has its own ability to maintain itself, as well as in repairing too. Are we taking the right move to support it, or are we continuing damaging it unknowingly ?

Animal meats, fish, egg and all types of dairy products are favoured by many as the most nutritious food items. Check them out. Nutritious no doubt, but they are all acidic in nature. Our body cannot have too much acid foods as they are like 'magnet' in attracting sickness and diseases. Green vegetables, fruits and drinking water are alkaline in nature. It is a known fact that a human being will be more healthy if their constitution remains more alkaline than acidic.

No one is against acidic foods but ones must understand how it can damage the body's natural system when they are taken in excess. When excessive acidic foods are taken, your brain will immediately trigger your thyroid gland to excrete its hormone. The later is to stimulate your skeletal system to release their bone marrow (which comprises of calcium ions and alkaline in nature). The main purpose is to neutralise the level of acid in your body. Scientific research has revealed that our bone marrow will regenerate in 02 weeks. Ask yourself, if such release is an everyday affair, how can you remain healthy throughout the rest of your life. Our bone structure requires high amount of calcium to develop and nourish itself. Many wrong facts have been made that milk or milk powder is the best solution. In fact, what are they actually made of, nowadays ? In the factory, they are added with additives and at least, 20 - 30 % of sugar are also added. They are no longer natural nutrients for the body. Indirectly, they are inorganic nutrients and being inorganic, they are not highly absorbable by the body system. Our bone marrow is alkaline in nature and if we do not feed ourselves with alkaline food, anyone will be in deep trouble. Your bone will soon become brittle and easy to break, or you will suffer oestoporosis at a much earlier age. Your muscle tissues will also become weak and flaccid, and there will be endless problems arising. For the ladies, you might experience infertility or even, earlier menopause.

The principle of traditional and natural medicines performs in a different perspective. When a person gets a headache, it does not treat the problem alone. It also assists the body to strengthen its immune system, by offering it a natural instinct to resolve its problem. Believe it or not, in the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, certain types of painful experiences are believed to be natural happenings. It may indicates that some forms of 'demolition' work is undergoing in the body. Likewise, if the body intends to excrete excess acids and toxins through our skin, the common signs noted are skin rashes or even carbuncles (boils) besides sweating. They consider these reactions as natural and healthy, and they will stop when the toxins are eliminated. Additionally, when a person breathes in a polluted environment, it is only natural that he will start to cough or coughing with phelgm occasionally. In the teaching of TCM, this indicates that the lungs are trying to clean out the dust and toxins which are accumulated in their air sacs. In this situation, must we suppress the cough by taking medications, or should we allow the lungs to flush out all the dirts ?

My purpose of setting up this blog, is not to convince and convert the whole world to survive on green vegetables and water as your daily diets. My main concern is to see that all readers and friends believe in staying healthy. You have already adopted your own lifestyles and eating habits since ages ago and probably, it is high time to review them. Are we not happy if we can remain fit and stay healthy at all times ?

You may have noted that I have not mentioned anything about physical exercise to keep fit. Needless to say, it is a must to do activitiy. Exercise will enable you to breathe in more fresh oxygen, while it also assists your body in excreting excess toxins from within, through sweating. Besides toning your muscles and tissues, it also recharges your heart's functions in smoothening your blood and qi circulations.


From time to time, I shall be posting and introducing some of the natural food products that I have sourced. Not every products in the market are bad. Some are noted and identified to be helpful in enhancing one's health. They will be specially selected because of their quality and contents and most important of all, they must be able to resolve one's deficiencies. Of course, you can also be assured that these products will not have any side effect.

Incidentally, information on new discoveries or any medical break-through will also be posted and if anyone has any comment to be added, you are most welcome to do so.

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