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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Believe it or not, Gossiping is a healthy past-time for elderly people

Recently, I read this article in a health magazine (Chinese Language) and I was rather amazed how 'gossiping' involving the older people, could extend so much assistance in enhancing their daily life. [Anyway, I am trying to translate it into simple English for the benefit of readers]. Read on ...


They said, it is a good past-time for old people to get involved with gossiping. It was found that such activity is a blessing and will enable the older people to promote and foster a closer friendship bond among themselves. Likewise, when a person feels depressed, they often release it off through gossiping around and perhaps, half of their stress level or sickness could be gone. For e.g. when someone gets victimized at home, they often find relief when expressing them out to other listening ears.

Most elderly people when they are retired, they find themselves getting lost in their own world. This will develop into severe depression each day and eventually, sickness of all types will evolve. To name a few common problems :

a) having insomnia, or feeling restless in sleeping pattern;
b) poor appetite leading to digestive problems;
c) poor fluid consumption causing dehydration and constipation;
d) poor qi and blood circulation causing weakness and body pain;
e) breathing difficulty and discomfort of the abdominal and
hypochondrion areas;
f) frequent outburst of temper, or preference for quietness
leading to severe mental stress;
g) reserved and dislike noises, including from younger children

Thus, when they are able to gang-up with their own age group, just let them be. Such form of gathering, or getting together will promote better inner-feelings and inspiration. It will further boost their mental strength and enable them to keep abreast with what is going on around them.

In other words, for these people, gossiping is a good past-time which will indirectly assist to activate their mind, their thinking abilities, or their decision making. Of course, when these are achieved, don't you think older people will find their life more meaningful and easier to move on.

However, from the medical point of view, excessive talking can also contribute to :

1) strengthen their jaw and facial muscles;
2) pay attention and improve their hearing ability;
3) improve their breathing capability;
4) improve better vision

Once they are feel happy, their immune system will also become stronger. The later will enable the body to develop more active and healthy cells. What else do they want to achieve anymore when they can enjoy good companionship, great health and a harmonious environment (both at home, as well as among his close buddies).

When older people have osteoporosis problem, sometimes they might consume the wrong food items to counter such treatment. Often, they include the consumption of calcium supplement with milk. In fact, this is a wrong therapy and instead, he might become worst. Once calcium supplement is taken orally with milk, the later item has a certain property which will change its texture and react with the calcium supplement. Instead of resolving the problem, this combination will cause further hurt and discomfort to their stomach. Each stomach by itself, do possess its own fluid which will absorb the calcium (preferably, organic type). For young people, there are having plenty of such stomach-fluid but for older people, they are much lesser. Hence, it is imperative that calcium supplement should not be taken with an empty stomach. Carbohydrate has a good absorption effect on calcium. So, it is a better idea to accompany such intake with rice.

If there is a need to encourage older people to perform any physical exercise, it should be sufficient to ask them to stretch both hand upwards (toward the sky) and then, hold it for a few minutes. Do it several times a day. In fact, this is a good form of exercise, in view of their age. Stretching is beneficial for the young and old. It will assist everyone in resolving any spinal problem or back pain. Frequent walking around within the house compound, or some light gardening tasks should be considered from time to time too.

There is a chinese proverb .... when a person gets old, which part of his body will get older first ? The answer is his lower limbs (legs).

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