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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Food Suggestions for Blood Group Type

Following are a few examples of the three basic classifications (beneficial, neutral & avoid) for each blood type.

Type O
Highly Beneficial: Beef, lamb, liver, eggs, salmon, whitefish, olive and flaxseed oils, onions, kale, garlic, spinach, plums and prunes, pineapple juice, to mention a few.

Neutral: Chicken, turkey, bass, shrimp, lobster, butter, goat cheese, cod. liver oil, almonds, pecans, string beans, rice, rye bread, many vegetables, most fruits, most juices, most spices, mustard, mayonnaise, chamomile tea, beer, red and white wine, plus many other items.

Avoid: Pork, ham, bacon, catfish, lox, milk, goat milk, cheese, peanuts, cashews, navy beans, lentils, wheat, oats, corn, white potato, cabbage, olives, oranges, honeydew melons, strawberries, apple juice, orange juice, vinegar, black peppers, ketchup, coffee (even decaffeinated), tea, and sodas.

Type O‘s have a hardy digestive tract and thrive on animal protein. Organic, free range meats are preferable.

Type A
Highly Beneficial: Rainbow trout, sea trout, whitefish, salmon, soya cheese, soy milk, olive and flaxseed oils, peanuts, lentils, black eyed peas, buckwheat, amaranth, Ezekial bread, rice cakes, broccoli, carrots, kale, spinach and many other vegetables, apricots, grapefruit, pineapple, juice of these fruits, ginger, garlic, mustard, rose hips tea, coffee, red wine, and green tea.

Neutral: Chicken, turkey, ocean perch, sea bass, swordfish, goat cheese, yogurt, kefir, cod liver oil, almonds, filberts, macadamia nuts, green peas , snap beans, rice, corn flakes, gluten-free bread, wild rice, spelt noodles, cauliflower, celery, corn, apples, grapes, melons, peaches, pears, apple and grape juice, very many spices, pickles, jelly, dandelion tea, senna tea, and white wine.

Avoid: All red meats, anchovy, catfish, clam, American cheese, cottage cheese, brie, buttermilk, corn oil, peanut oil, brazil nuts, cashews, navy beans, kidney beans, red beans, grapenuts, shredded wheat, granola, whole wheat bread, white and whole wheat flour, cabbage, all potatoes, bananas, oranges, tomatoes, black pepper, catnip tea, beer, and distilled liquor.

Type A’s flourish on somewhat more vegetarian diets.

Type B
Highly Beneficial: Lamb, rabbit, venison, cod, halibut, salmon, cottage cheese, goat milk, skim milk, olive oil, navy beans, oatmeal, puffed rice, Ezekiel bread, rice, kale, cabbage, carrots, and many other vegetables, bananas, grapes, pineapple, grape juice, cranberry juice, cayenne pepper, ginger, rose hips tea, and green tea.

Neutral: Beef, liver, turkey, whitefish, catfish, white perch, buttermilk, Monterey Jack, cod liver oil, flax oil, pecans, walnuts, white beans, snap beans, grape nuts, granola, gluten-free bread, oat bran muffins, quinoa, brown and white rice, garlic, cucumber, white potatoes, and very many other vegetables, apples, peaches pears, apricot juice, orange juice, most spices, mayonnaise, mustard, many herbal teas, coffee, and red and white wine.

Avoid: Bacon, ham, chicken, duck, pork, shrimp, lobster, anchovy, American cheese, ice cream, peanut oil, safflower oil, peanuts, cashews, filberts, lentils, pinto beans, wheat cereals, corn flakes, multigrain bread, rye bread, buckwheat, couscous, yellow corn, all olives, coconuts, rhubarb, tomato, black pepper, ketchup, senna tea, distilled liquor, and cola.

This type diet represents "the best of the animal and vegetable kingdoms."

Type AB
Highly Beneficial: Lamb, rabbit, turkey, salmon, mackerel, sardine, cottage cheese, goat milk, olive oil, peanuts, walnuts, chestnuts, navy beans, green lentils, oatmeal, Essene and Ezekial bread, rye crisp, white and brown rice, broccoli, celery, kale, garlic, grapes, figs, pineapple, grape juice, carrot juice, horseradish, ginger tea, hawthorn tea, rose hips tea, coffee, and green tea.

Neutral: Liver, pheasant, catfish, carp, sole, snapper, skim milk, soy milk, cheddar cheese, peanut oil, cod liver oil, cashews, almonds, brazil nuts, green beans, northern beans, domestic lentils, grapenuts, seven grains, cream of rice, whole wheat bread, multigrain bread, couscous, quinoa, asparagus, carrots, red cabbage, white potatoes, and many other vegetables, apples, peaches, pears, various melons, apple juice, pineapple juice, prune juice, very many spices, mustard, mayonnaise, jelly from appropriate fruits, catnip tea, peppermint tea, beer, red and white wine.

Avoid: Anchovy, sea bass, lobster, haddock, lox, bacon, beef, pork, veal, venison, ice cream, whole milk, buttermilk, sherbet, corn oil safflower oil, filberts, sesame seeds, lima beans, garbanzo beans, kidney beans, kamut, buckwheat kasha, lima beans, all white and yellow corn, red and yellow peppers, bananas, oranges, rhubarb, white vinegar, cayenne pepper, ketchup, relish, fenugreek tea, senna tea, distilled liquor, diet and other sodas.

Exercise Suggestions
The amount and type of exercise recommended is related to how different blood types respond to stress. Each type attempts to overcome stress through a distinct, genetically programmed instinct. The ancient hunter ancestors of type O’s had an immediate, physical response to stress that goes directly to muscles. With a physical release at this time a positive effect may come from a bad stress. Type O’s then are suited for intense, physical exercise.

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