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Friday, February 13, 2009

What is Acai berry ?

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Acai Berry is a small round black purplish fruit that looks like grape both in appearance and size though with a lesser pulp. Acai berry fruit has a single large seed, when the berries are ripe, the exocarp turn into a deep purple color or green depending on the type of acai berry as well as its maturity. The endocarp of the acai berry fruit takes about 80% of the fruit while the fleshy part of the berry is the mesocarp that contains the pulp which is of a uniform thickness. Acai berries are a very important component of food for the Amazon people of Brazil and it constitute and forty-two percent of the food intakes for the people of this region and the juice and pulp of this fruits have been found to be very useful and it is used as blends in various juices such as soda, smoothies and several other drinks.

The berries have the tendency to deteriorate very fast after harvest due to its high fatty content and today several companies now use acai berry to produce juice and energy drink. Acai berry is not only good for food, since eighty percent of the fruit constitutes the seed; the seeds can be ground for livestock or used as manure for plants. The research carried out on acai berry fruit has been found it to be very nutritious and it has been reported that about 100g of extract of the fruit contains 52,2g of Carbohydrates, 8.1g of protein, 32.5g of fat and 44.2g of fiber forms part of the carbohydrates portion of the fruit. Acai berry being a high fat content fruits also contains oleic acid, palmitic acid and linoleic acid, the berries also have antioxidant properties, also the fruit have been known to help increase energy level and when the juice are extract from the fruit to produce beverages it aid the digestive system.

Acai berry has several health benefits such improving mental clarity, promotes sound sleep, supplies the body with vital vitamins, cleanse and detoxifies the body of toxins that are infectious, builds the immune system, enhances sexual desire and performance, help in fighting cancerous cell, reduces the aging process, it alleviates diabetes, helps it normalizing and regulating the cholesterol levels, helps in proper functioning of the heart, reduces inflammation, increases circulation as well as improves vision. Though Acai berry is just coming on stage in America circle but it has been around for many centuries and has been a source of healthy living to the many people especial the natives of Brazil.

The fact the acai berries is eaten as food that not mean you can pluck the berries directly from the acai palm and start eating them, it has to be processed, since acai berry is becoming increasing popular today you might want to find out, what makes it sort after by people. Acai berry has omega fat unlike saturated fats that is common with fast foods, it also contains amino acid, protein, Vitamin A, B1 and E and electrolytes that is why it is becoming a miracle drink today. As, more consumers are finding out the benefits of Acai berry today so also are researchers amazed at the health benefits of the this small fruits.

Also acai berry fruits have been found to have no side effects, therefore taking acai berry just should not cause any concern to you, since researcher have not been able to come up with any side effect caused by the fruits, it is very safe to use, though further research is being carried out on this wonder fruit of nature.

Acai Antioxidants

If you are looking for a fruit that contains high antioxidant level, try acai berry and you will get as much antioxidant as required, acai berry contains more antioxidant than any fruit you can think of in the world, the only problem with acai berry antioxidants is that the level drops due to the various processing methods employed by various companies to create the acai products, the decrease in the level of antioxidant in various acai products reduces the nutritional value and healing properties of this super food. Acai antioxidants helps protect the cells against free radicals, since free radicals are molecules produced in the body through the break down of food or through environmental contacts like cigarettes smoke and radiation, these free radical has the ability to damage cells and increase the likely hood of heart disease, cancer and many other diseases. The intake of acai berry fruits can supply the body the required level of anti-oxidants that is essentials to eliminate these free radicals from the body and also destroy cancerous cells in the body.

Since acai berry is a wonder working fruits that provides the body with many health benefits that will enhances the well being of the body, though acai berry fruits produces antioxidant that is useful to the body, there are many acai products about today that is being sold in supermarket, health stores and other health facilities, it might be hard to believe that though these acai products contains antioxidant, but the antioxidant level present in these acai products may not be sufficient enough for the body, therefore in order to obtain enough antioxidant from acai berry, the freeze- dried acai products is the best as it contains sufficient antioxidants that would be helpful to the body since it retains phytochemicals, though at a higher price than other acai products. Presently the United States ships imports some of the best acai antioxidants fruit in frozen block, yet it is still nutritional degraded, therefore the acai products available in the stores today does not contains the full acai antioxidants of the acai berry fruit.

Presently research carried out on the antioxidant level of freeze dried acai pulp and skin powder compared the oxygen radical absorbance capacity and it was discovered that acai berry had an oxygen radical absorbance of 1026.9 compared to the freeze-dried acai product with oxygen radical absorbance of 155, this does not mean that you cannot give these acai products a try, since antioxidant is very important to the body no matter the level, whether high or low, acai product is essential to the diet. Acai berry is about the same in size as the blue berry but it is contains more vitamins, antioxidants and minerals than any fruit that exists till date. Since acai berry is the major source of antioxidant anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is a type of phychemicals present in red wine that has a significant effect on the cardiovascular system and it has been known to help prevent blood clots, improve blood circulation, stops atherosclerosis and combat cancer but the anthocyanin in Acai is three and half times more potent than those found in red wine.

Apart from the benefit of antioxidant derived from acai, in helps increase the stamina of the body, increase the sexual drive in men, digestion, mental alertness and boost the immune system.

How this berry can help you stay healthy ?

With the growing popularity of the Acai fruit being used for healthy drinks and supplements there is a lot of health properties that are being found in just drinking this powerful juice. The countless diseases and illnesses could be solved if people actually eat a healthy diet and lived a pretty clean lifestyle. There are a lot of things that this juice has really made clear to those who are trying to live a clean lifestyle and if there’s anything that can be said of this it is to really consider the options of health and vitality. The benefits of drinking this juice is actually a good thing because of the fact that it’s really made waves in the holistic medical community. Many rave the properties that it has which is the increased energy many feel after drinking the juice and finding that their weight goes down and their cholesterol numbers are at a normal range.

Many are turned on to drinking the juice when they hear about the things this juice can do for those who commit to a healthy lifestyle. This juice has been noted help reduce the risk of heart disease and even improving mood and cognition. This is a promising level of health that many are really looking forward to because of the high risk of using conventional medication and many are looking for new and safer ways to stay healthy without the dangerous side effects of drugs used to treat various kinds of medical conditions. This is what you are going to get if you commit to a healthy diet and exercise plan and also taking in vital nutrients that are going to be beneficial to your health. The one thing that’s going to really set the pace for this to be the top-notch health option for many is that only the most reliable of companies will have first dibs on customers who want a quality acai berry juice that has rewarding benefits health wise.

Most of this country is just now starting to get on the band wagon when it comes to health, yet it will take a pretty serious person to research and study the health properties of the acai berry. This is what will be the rising thing of the future when more and more diseases and illnesses surface when it comes to poor diet and lifestyle choices and many are going to be looking for the next best thing in healthy supplements and vitamins to help with reduction of disease and illness factors. So many diseases have been noted to improve when people are drinking acai juice on a regular basis. There has been reports of improved blood sugar levels especially those who have hypertension and diabetes who have a hard time getting their numbers on a steady level where it’s normal and healthy.

Acai benefits are also noted to have helped those with cancer and other serious diseases to lower chances of recurrence. Drinking acai juice has even helped to resolve certain diseases like type-2 diabetes that can be resolved with diet and exercise. This is becoming a high thing for many health professionals who are trying to find new and ingenious ways to getting a better product that’s good for their clients. With the increase of dangerous side effects from the drugs that are currently out here on the market used to treat everything from cancer to high blood pressure the need for something safer is what is the concern from the doctors to the patient.

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