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Monday, February 15, 2010

What is Progeria (Premature Aging) ?

After watching a short video presentation by Jeremy Kyle (a famous British Talk Show), I was indeed sadly moved after knowing the real situation, faced by 02 special patients, who are suffering from this extraordinary rare sickness.

It was known that there are only 02 such patients (unfortunately, they were both girls) in the United Kingdom and only around 45 of them, in the whole entire world.

Jeremy was kind enough to bring the 02 patients together for the 01st time and I can imagine how the 02 parents felt when they had such rare opportunity to meet with each other and undoubtedly, I can also see the teary eyes of all the audience too.

In this extreme rare, severe and genetic condition, it is said that all the internal organs of such a person, will age 08 years in advance within a year. When the 02 girls appeared in this show, they were just 05 years old, BUT their bodies are already 40 years old. So far, record shows that such victims will only live up to around 13 years of their own age. Their death is often due to Heart Attack, or Stroke.

It is hoped that a 'cure' can be made possible one day, by the Medical Field.

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