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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Does Chemotherapy and Radiation cure Cancer ?

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When a cell loses 60% of its oxygen it is considered cancer. The statement that “cancer has gone into remission” is an absolute falsehood and misleading. If cancer is in the blood stream, it is all over the body. The cancer just doesn’t decide to go to sleep. Many people die unnecessarily because they believe their cancer is in remission, or as the doctor says “we got it all.” Cancer, like all other diseases, is the body’s way of fighting back against disease. It is fighting to be well. You either have cancer or you do not. In order to get rid of cancer, you must treat the cause, not just the symptoms. You must treat the whole body. Chemotherapy and radiation have devastating side effects that often do more harm than good. They destroy the good cells as well as the bad ones.


The word Cancer means crab and/or creeping sore. Cancer tissue and cells cover a broad spectrum of malignant (bad) neoplasms (new cells). There are over one hundred types of bad new cells (malignant neoplasms) classified as cancer. Each is believed to have a different cause. The types of cancer are carcinomas, which affect glands, skin, organs, and mucous membrane skin; lymphomas, which affect lymph glands and fluid; sarcomas, which affect bones, muscles, connective tissue; and leukemia, which affect the blood.

Beating Cancer With Nutrition

Sugars feed Cancer while diet and supplements can starve tumors. Nutrition makes chemo and radiation more toxic to the tumor while protecting the patient. Nutrition changes underlying causes of cancer, improving outcome for cancer patients, regardless of other therapies. Why “Beating Cancer with Nutrition” is unique: The book was developed after working with over 500 cancer patients and organizing three international symposiums on the subject.


The treatments for prostate cancer are more dangerous than the cancer.

The prostate specific Antigen (PSA) is a substance produced by normal and cancerous prostate tissue. An enlarged prostate (benign prostate hypertrophy) and cancer both increase the PSA levels. The PSA test measures levels of a protein produced by the prostate cells. The test presents levels of false-positives and false-negatives and is not an accurate test. An increase in PSA in the blood does not always indicate cancer. At least two-thirds of males with high PSA levels of 10 ng/ml biopsy tissue prove that they do not have prostate cancer. PSA levels below 4 ng/ml generally mean a low possibility of cancer and levels above 10 mg/ml suggest a possibility of cancer. The test presents levels of false- early detection and treatment of prostate cancer presents the same amount of deaths as those males that were not treated. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force does not recommend routine PSA tests because there is not enough scientific data to prove that PSA tests reduce the death rate from prostate cancer. The interpretations of the possibility of a false positive or false negative or inaccurate reading is untrue. A PSA test result is basically subjective (a non-scientific guess), based upon the guess of a doctor. Black men get aggressive treatment when they have insignificant cancers that do not spread or cancers that do not cause problems in a male’s lifetime. The doctors do not guess at the price of the treatments. The price of medical services is accurate and high. The PSA test is an inaccurate tool that gets accurate results-profit for the disease industry (hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, clinics, doctors, etc.).

The PSA test does little, if any good. Prostate cancerous tumors grow very slowly causing most men to die with prostate cancer. They actually die from other causes.

Prostate cancer fears of black men cause them to be dysfunctional. They have sex because of the fear they won’t be able to have sex because they will get prostate cancer and become impotent. Their fear often causes them to be hyper sexed because they think one day they wont be able to have sex because of the prostate. Hyper sex causes the prostate and reproductive system to get weak, which can lead to an enlarged prostate and a diagnosis of prostate cancer. The fear causes subconscious tension and fears that their woman may leave them or commit adultery because his prostate is “dead”, or is about to get sick with cancer. The PSA test is a medical attack on his manhood, his ability to be a player and satisfy his mate. Prostate fears cause sexual problems and dysfunctionality in his relationship with females and can ultimately lead to freaky perverse sexual activities that help hide his weak diseased or cancerous prostate problems. He may take synthetic poisonous chemicals to enhance his sexual activities because negative emotions and fears can cause sex dysfunction (erection problems, premature ejaculation). Chemicals such as Viagra have dangerous side effects (i.e. blurred vision, hearing problems, cancer, psychotic hallucination, mood swings and dizziness). The natural amino acid L-Arginine breaks down into nitric oxide. Nitric Oxide causes blood to engorge the penis resulting in an erection.

Early detection and treatment of prostate cancer is a myth !

It presents the same amount of deaths as those males who were not treated.

The doctors do not guess at the price of the treatments, the price of medical services is accurate and high. The PSA test is an inaccurate tool that gets accurate results-profit for the disease industry (hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, clinics, doctors, etc.).

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