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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Haemorrhoid Surgery by Rubber Band Ligation

Rubber band ligation is a common surgical approach for hemorrhoid treatment in today society. This has been adopted as an alternative treatment method, besides the normal surgery. Initially, when the rubber band is applied onto the base of each haemorrhoid, patient will often experience excruiting pain (sometimes, it may hurt for a whole day).

To apply the rubber band ligation technique, a patient has to lie on his, or her side with their knees drawn up to their chest. The physician will use a proctoscope that is inserted into the rectum, to allow room in the anal cavity for the medical tools. A pair of forceps is then used to pull the hemorrhoid through the neck of the ligator (see diagrams) and soon, after it reaches the deeper end, the doctor will release a small rubber band that is attached at the tip of his ligator. This band will act in cutting off the blood supply to the infected vein, which will eventually cause it to dry out and fall off. Recovery period will be between 4 - 5 days.

The use of rubber bands in such treatment has gone way back in history during the time of Hippocrates, where they wrote about tying hemorrhoids off with strings in the olden days.

Normally, after the procedure is over, patients will be sent home and provided with painkiller to ease any discomfort (usually, Ibuprofen). It is important to avoid painkiller such as Aspirin, as there are known ingredients which will cause the muscles and its surrounding tissues to swell, and contract.

Most medical procedures have a number of potential side effects and rubber band ligation is no exception too. There is always a possibility of the elastic band slipping off, or breaking along with pain; bleeding; anal fissure; and infection at the location of their hemorrhoid. Nevertheless, the best advantage to this method will resolve the pain and problem faster, when compared to the other surgical methods. However, this does not guaranteed that it will prevent the growth of future hemorrhoids, although there are cases where some patients enjoyed permanent disappearance of their haemorrhoid.


The Haemoband Multi-Ligator

This is a new device that facilitates the easy Rubber Band Ligation of haemorrhoids. Being disposable and low in cost, it offers a very attractive alternative to current haemorrhoid devices by providing an easy-to-use; ergonomically designed product; and pre-loaded with four rubber bands. This unit has been designed to optimise, simplify and substantially cost-reduce the ligation process. With its innovation (dual function hand grip), operation is simple. Just position the multi-ligator as required and gently squeeze the trigger to induce suction. Continue to pull the trigger to its final position to apply the band. Then, release the trigger to reduce suction and free the haemorrhoid. The multi-ligator is automatically reloaded with the next band ready for immediate use. [Product features : Slim 120mm insertion probe/Low cost/Solo operation/Multi-application/Rapid/Reduces procedure time to under 3 minutes/Accurate/4 pre loaded Latex Free Bands/Reduced patient discomfort/Single use/fully disposable unit and clinically efficient].

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