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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Garage Del Parco in Milan, Italy

Website Review for Garage Del Parco

This is an interesting site which is very simple and easy to browse. It will be very useful for any potential car buyer to find their dream car. At this moment, the choice of vehicles is rather limited and I believe it will be a matter of time, before it will be loaded with plenty of vehicles for sale.

At a first glance, the layout of the site is very user-friendly and the speed of loadingis rather fast. Personally, I felt the whole range of vehicles should be grouped up in different categories. Preferably, based on pricing basis. In this manner, potential buyers can go straight to the category that is within their budget, instead of wasting their time in scrolling and browsing through every single item. It will be inconvenient for end users and they might lose their interest, when the number of vehicles for sale is increased tremendously, in the future.

Judging from the background of this family business, it sounds very established as it was founded since year 1978 and the children are managing it today. All personnel employed in the business seems very experienced in this field and are committed to deliver their best customer service and satisfaction. Importantly, they also owned a fully-equipped and extremely tidy workshop. This is where all vehicles acquired are fully inspected, maintained, washed (internally and externally), polished and even disinfected before they are released for sale. Their workshop is also supported by a team of experienced mechanics, to attend to all enquiries.

When I browse through all the vehicles shown for sale in their home page, their condition appeared almost new and were in almost showroom condition. Anyone who visited this site will surely
be attracted to purchase, if the price is within their budget. To achieve this, it is the company's policy to acquire only good condition vehicles from the sellers.

Interestingly, this company also offers many benefits to potential buyers. For the interested buyer, they even permit them to test drive their preferred choice of vehicle for a day, before deciding whether to purchase and if they are short of cash, end financing is also available (with conditions applied). How could anyone resist such personalised service ? Their main mission is to provide good customers satisfaction and repeated customers too. For those who wishes to trade-in their existing vehicles, such arrangement can also be discussed.

All their vehicles sold are carrying at least a year warranty and for those vehicles that are less than 08 years old, their warranty period will even increased to 02 years. This is a superb committment to capture loyal customers.

Overall, their site carries a fast loading time. The layout has been simple and quite eye catching. However, the host should try to change the overall font to ‘Arial’ as the existing one is quite boring and unpleasant, especially when someone has to spend a longer time browsing it. Since there are a lot of empty spaces, I would suggest the host to upload a few nice scenic photographs of Milan and make their website design more interesting.

If given a chance, I would change the bright maroon color of their background to something more lighter, so that it can match with the color tone of the vehicles posted for sale. The existing bright color is quite irritating to the eyes when a potential buyer is browsing their home page. Incidentally, the character font should be in smaller letter (normally, capital letter is avoided) and the picture of each vehicle should be slightly larger too. The later request is to attract the attention of the buyer when it is easily noted.

It is quite interesting to note that the host is very committed in his business. Every detail is easily available with just one click at the links, located at the left hand side of their page. Also, I was particularly impressed with the testimonials posted by previous buyers.

In conclusion, I think the host has accomplished a great task in promoting themselves and with their commitment to deliver their services, I wish them every success !

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