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Friday, October 8, 2010

How safe is Lasik Eye Surgery ?

Ever imagine, what modern technology can do, to resolve defects in such delicate organ of our body !

Although, many people have already undergone such surgery and enjoyed good vision (minus their spectacles), there is still a sizeable percentage of our world population, who are still hesitant in going for the same surgery. Majority have the phobia of unforeseen side-effects, such as surgical foul-ups, total blindness, or,  the thought of going through the scapel raises their goose-pimples.


Nonetheless, following questions are still been asked everyday, for those who are yet to pick up their courage to lie on the operating table :

a) How safe is this latest technology in rectifying and correcting ones' vision ?

b) Will such vision correction, remains permanent, once it is completed ?

c) Has there been any foul-up by the doctor (s) attending to this surgery ?

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