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Friday, September 23, 2011

How good and beneficial are Cow's Milk ?

After visiting a friend with a newly born baby today, I felt so sad and it compelled me to write a short article on breast-feeding habit of young people today.


Humans were so fortunate to have alternative milk to feed their young ones, as soon as their umbilical cord were detached-off from their mums.

Spoken to a few young mums before and their responses were :

a) I am still young and their phobia is that they will soon have a sagging pair of ugly breast and nipples, if they let their offsprings consume their milk;

b) I am working and I cannot afford to spend time to change my padings inside my
brassiere, as my milk will be dripping during my office hours. Otherwise, it will look embarrasing when fellow working colleagues noticed my wet blouse;

The list might goes on and some of them are indeed lame excuses just because they wanted to maintain a better figure-line to their bodies.

Little did they ever realized how healthy they were because they, themselves have been sucking and snatching their mum's breast once (when they were hungry as a baby) and their own mum had never have such thoughts when feeding them. Perhaps, their mum were bringing them up in a harsh environment when they were indeed poor. Unfortunately, most of today's mum are working and thus, they can afford to provide their young ones with alternatives. Have they ever give it a thought on how these milks were produced.

So, the question is .... how good is the Cow's Milk that they are feeding their young ones today ?

Let me ask you first, whether do you know such facts that :

1) the protein level in cow's milk is said to be 4 times compared to human;

2) it is produced by the cow to feed their calves and not babies. A calf is about 60 kg at birth and with its mother's milk, they are supposed to grow up to a matured weight of 1 ton because of the hormone therein. This is how obesity in our today's children comes from.

3) we have seen how the cows were milked, using suction heads attaching to the pumps. Were these cows' nipple heads been properly sterilized when the process is in progress ? Where were they been kept ? Indoors, or outdoors. Were they 'standing' all the times with their nipples hanging in the air, or are they lying on the soggy grounds smeared with mud, or whatever !!!

4) because of its commercial values and demands, imagine how strong were the 'sucking' from the pumps are, in order to meet the world's demand. Are we sure there is no injury, or no blood have been shed with such strength ? Is every cow been inspected and healthy before they are been milked ?

Again ... the list will go on again.


The milk powder which we bought from the shelves in the supermarkets today, are so acidic. More than 60 % of them contains sugar (acidic). Additives/drugs (acidic) were added to provide shelf-life and also so-called, to boost up the child's brain cells, in which the milk companies had aggressively marketed, as a guarantee to the children' intelligence and superb health.

We all knew that our body needs to be more on the alkalinity level, in order to stay in better health. Imagine, as a young babe, the calcium 'stolen' from their mums (which is meant for their future bone growth and development) are been used up, for neutralizing the acidity milk that they are fed with. No wonder, some babies were late-walkers because of their weaker bones' structure.
[Colostrum is the first lacteal secretion produced by the mammary gland of a mother prior to the production of milk. Any secretion after the first removal of all, or part, is then termed Transitional Milk. Only colostrum collected from the single first milking within 0-6 hours after birth, maintains nature's perfect balance and highest levels of immunological and body regulating biologically active proteins. As the first food for new life, bovine colostrum is a natural immune system enhancer for good health]. When a baby is born, they have the weakest 'defence system' and are easily vulnerable to sickness through the invasion of bacteria and virus. How are they going to gain a stronger immune system to protect themselves, if without such provision ?

I dread to think of the well-being of future generations to come. Too many brands of milk powder are already in the market, each boasting about their better and superior products. How many ever realized that more and more drugs are added ? What does the parents care ? If the baby have a bigger appetite, often they will ask the nannies to increase the amount of milk powder too. Is it so important to boost the brain cells during the various stages of the child's growing age ? Why must such those egoistic parents wanted their children to appear more intelligent, or superior than others ? At what cost !!

Probably to them, hyper-active children means they are gifted with super-brains and often, their behaviour (without the child's faults) have turned them into little spoilt brats and beyond the toleration of others.

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