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Sunday, December 11, 2011

2012 Chinese Horoscope - Year of The Dragon

The Chinese race are particularly curious, in knowing what their own animal zodiac sign will bring for them in each new lunar year. Apparently, Year 2012 will be the Year of The Dragon. This is a cultural belief which is going on for decades.

For some families, especially those who are business-minded, they are even more eager to invite the arrival of new 'dragon' siblings during that year, and better still if the newly born is a boy.

In every new lunar year, the Chinese also believes that each ruling animal for that year will have a governing force on certain animal, or animals. For Year 2012, those born under the 'dog' sign is said to be most badly affected and will have to be particularly watchful on their career & family life, wealth, luck and especially, their health. Believe it or not, its up to you. As for me, I prefer to avoid 'wherever' I can !!!

However, for those who wishes to know at what is in store for you next year, you may refer to your own horoscopes from the above 'URL', provided.

For those, who are of other races, and if you are curious too, just refer your year of birth (which will be shown below each of the 12 animals) and then, click on the animal to find out the rest.

Happy reading !!

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