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Friday, July 27, 2012

Where are your fish fillet from ?

Millions of thanks to be extended to a friend who shared this invaluable piece of information from his email today.
It states .... this article is indeed telling the truth ......... He have seen last year with his own eyes when touring the lower Mekong Delta of Ho Chi Min City on a boat, the amount of filth floating down the wide river. You can see the banks crowded with floating fish farms, amidst floating human and pig, and fowl shit, that is also food for the river fish in the cages.

If you visit any big scale frozen fish Department today .... there, you will see frozen fish fillet with Japanese-sounding names and no country of source. When asked, for sure their senior staff will tell you that they were all from Vietnam !!! 

There is also a warning to everyone. Take note that each fish and chips stall will tell you that their product is 'dory fillet' but they won't know which country they are from. But now, we know that all fish fillets are from the highly polluted water of Vietnam ....... and they are the cheapest source !

Gosh, I would really like to have them tested for toxins and chemicals (they discharge toxic carcinogen chemicals upstream !!) and get them banned from our dinning table. What will they do to your internal organs ?


Watch this 4-min video presentation ....  and be reminded before you order !

You should also know that most fish and chips sold, are actually made from this same catfish ... because the texture of such meat is firm and the color is white, and cost is cheap too. Most restaurants anywhere will use catfish for fish and chips ... So, buyers should really avoid catfish, or 'pacific Dory' ... better yet, if you must eat fish outside of your home. Try to avoid plain fillet  but order (or buy)  the whole fish instead .... that way, you can see what you will really be paying for.
I bet most of the Asian markets and restaurants are using these fish from that Mekong river ! This may also be the steamed white fish fillet they serve in many Chinese restaurant. 

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