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Monday, September 3, 2012

Why do human have to cheat ?

They said, the human brain is the devil's workshop and they will come up with anything that will make them selling their souls to the devil. Even in broad daylight.

As I was strolling at a market place one day, I was not amused when I sighted this weighing scale standing by itself (the owner was not around at that time). I became more angry when I saw the validation sticker (approved by the relevant authority) which reads 22 Sept 2012. Is the authority approving this scale since Day 1, or the owner manipulated it later ?

Many questions started to run through my mind. Has the said authority, ever send any officer to conduct any check, in order to nab such unscrupulous hawker ? How come the guilty party is so daring to leave his measuring equipment unattended like this, without fear ?

For a moment, I was telling myself ..... how much richer could the guy be, at the end of the day for risking such daring stunt. Will the money earned brings him any good ? Why is he feeding his family with such filthy money ?

Nevertheless, there are still plenty of willing buyers who prefer to remain silent. Without realizing, they are actually encouraging such notorious 'robber' to carry on. In fact, I was told that this stall is just the tip of the iceberg. I was dumbfounded when told that many stalls are equally guilty. Of course, there are also genuine and honest sellers too.

I pray and pity the guilty souls, when serving their punishment in Hell.

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