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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Why do people suffers from Gout ?

In year 2002, it was reported that the age of Asian people suffering from gout has started to decrease every year. However, the percentage of people under 19 years who started to get gout, is 10 times higher than those in other countries. Why ?

Today, young people can afford to eat more. The high acidity of the inner human fluids that are caused by bad diets, are the main factor. To get gout when you are young, will lead to poor mobility, or even requiring a wheelchair. The older generation still have their children to look after them but what happens when a 19 years person gets hurt ? They may have their parents to look after them, but who will take care of them, after their parents passed away ? The younger generation is supposed to contribute to society and if they start suffering from diseases, how will they be assets to the community ?

Incidentally, for older people who suffer from illness and pain, they will not listen to your advice too, when you tell them to change their eating habits. When you advised them "if you want to be healthy, just eat more vegetables and drink more water" and they will argue with you, saying "if they do not eat fish and meat, they will not have enough nurtrition".

Believe it or not, almost all fishermen have gout symptoms. They always get the freshest of fish. People who eat fish have a greater chance of getting gout than those eating red meat because fish has more protein than red meat. But, raw fish has a more lively protein and is slightly better for the health. But most modern people are accustomed to cooked foods and therefore, they are eating too much dead protein. This causes their fluids to become more acidic. Thus, increasing the chance of developing gout, cancer or other kinds of serious illnesses.

Some people believe beans and nuts belong to the vegetable protein because they come from plants. Vegetarians don't eat fish and meat. Is it correct to say that they must eat a large quantity of beans and nuts, as well as drink soy milk to get sufficient protein ? This may be right. And, dieticians always say that "protein is the source nutrient of life" and if this is true, why will a gout patient suffer more pain the day after he consumes a large amount of nuts, beans or soya milk ? This should not be the reaction...after consuming the source nutrient of life !

An accountant was once sharing his experience in the curing of his gout. He ate a lot of bananas. It was a doubt because bananas are very sweet. The sweeter a fruit is, the higher the acidity of the fruit. Then, he elaborated that he ate only unripe bananas. These unripe bananas are not sweet except that it causes a furry sensation on the tongue. Unripe bananas are alkaline and that was how he cured his gout. Actually, when he ate raw bananas in the beginning, the gout got worse. But, he persistently continued eating, until his gout didn't cause any more pain and eventually, gone forever. He started to change his diet of vegetables and also, plenty of water. Since then, his gout has never recurred. The reason why his gout became worse in the beginning, was because of the adjustment made within the body when it tries to revert itself from being highly acidic to alkaline because bananas are an alkaline food.

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