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Thursday, November 22, 2007

What causes Thyroidism ?

Medically, it is caused by a diet low in vegetables and water. In today's world, we tend to eat more processed foods. As a result, our body becomes more acidic too. It is our thyroid gland that will secrete its hormones, to enable the bone marrow to be released from the individual's skeletal structure. The bone marrow, which is comprised of calcium ion, is alkaline in nature and it is needed to neutralise the body's acidity. Such activitiy is ongoing everyday, in order to ensure that the body function efficiently.

Due to our ignorance by not eating more vegetables and drinking more water, people tend to consume more processed foods instead. Unknowingly, they are creating more toxins in our body. Unfortunately, this causes the thyroid glands to secrete its hormones continuously, to stimulate the bone marrow production, in order to maintain the body's health. Eventually, when the bone marrow is depleted, the body will also die. Therefore, the thyroid glands must be stopped from overacting but this is just like applying brakes to a car that is travelling down a steep hill. If the driver is stepping on the brakes all the time, surely the brakes will start to over-heat. Thus, this is how damage is caused to the thyroid gland and further lead to thyroidism. Doctors often say, "thyroidism is caused by lack of iodine". Maybe, this is true but they also say "patients with thyroidism must not eat seaweed and sea grass because of its high iodine content". Why ? Isn't this a contradiction to their treatment ? It is like telling the body, you are damaged but there is no need to repair it. Similarly, it is like someone who needs money but is not allowed to earn it.

In conclusion, to deal with thyroidism, one must eat as many green vegetables as we can and drink plenty of water. In this way our acid & alkaline levels will be able to balance themselves naturally. When the body is alkaline in nature, there is no need for the thyroid gland to work overtime anymore as there is no need to secrete any hormone to release the bone marrow. This is simple logic.

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