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Thursday, November 22, 2007

What causes Stone Growth in the body ?

There has been many occasions that doctors often say "vegetarians tend to have a greater risk of getting kidney and gallbladder stones because of the large amount of calcium oxalate in vegetables" they ate.

In fact, the reason that the human body gets stones should not be related to the calcium oxalate. Otherwise elephants, cows and goats would have plenty of such stones because they eat much more grass than humans. Using the doctors' theory, their gall bladders and kidneys would be full of stones. However, some people also say that stones are caused by the fibres in vegetables which is obviously wrong.

Food we eat, first get digested by the stomach. Then, all the nutrients are first separated and then, extracted by the small intestines into the blood supply. The leftover waste (including the fibres) will follow the path into the large intestine and then, get pushed out of the body via the anus. Vegetable fibres have no way of getting through the small intestine walls, so how can they get into the blood to cause stones to grow ?

Modern vegetarians often eat plenty of processed vegetarian products nowadays and not fresh vegetables. These vegetarian products have been processed many times and they are far from vegetables in their natural state. They also have a lot of added artificial spices, color and MSG and which is why, they have a worse effect than eating chicken, duck, fish or meat. That is why some long term vegetarians have not only gallstones or kidney stones, but are also more likely to have cancer.

There was a patient who had finished his army service. He ate three meals a day and only vegetables. He didn't eat beans, nuts, lemon or vinegar. One day, after 07 years he noticed that his urine was very cloudy. So, he went to the hospital to have a check-up and they found that there was a lot of fine sand in his urine. Even the doctors could not explain it. After hearing his story, it is a clear fact that "the more acidic the human body is, the higher possibility of it getting stones. Stones are usually 95 % cholestrol and less than 05 % combined calcium. So, if you eat a lot of chicken, duck, fish, meat, eggs, nuts, beans, oil, salt, sugar, alcohol, milk (including soya milk) and vegetarian processed products, you are more susceptible to get stones in your gallbladder or kidneys". Thus, the reason for the sand in his bladder and kidneys was that his diet of vegetables over the last 07 years eventually broke down the stones. His body was slowly turning back to alkaline and the stones were broken and eliminated naturally.

Because such stones have less than 05 % combined calcium, modern researchers think, "too much calcium is not good for your body, it will cause gallbladder and kidney stones". But, these professionals often encourage people to drink more milk. Don't they know that milk contains a lot of calcium lactate ? The calcium lactate is a kind of combined calcium, very hard for the body to absorb and also very acidic because milk and soya milk are high in protein and easily turns into acidic toxins. When people drink a lot of milk, their body becomes acidic and they are more likely to have stones. This theory can be proven by just observing the people around you. Those who have gallbladder and kidney stones are the ones who have bad diets.

Therefore, people with stones may be able to get rid of them altogether, if they become a vegan. However, it also depends on the size of the stones and also the patient's general health and constitution. Such removal might need modern technology known as lithotripsy (by using shock waves to break up stones that form in the kidneys, urinary bladder, ureters or gallbladder)

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